September 27, 2022

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More than just a learning experience: Hyland interns share their stories

Internships are a fantastic way to gain real-world experience before graduating and can provide a great opportunity to explore different career paths. At Hyland, our interns are essentially treated like every other employee.

Kelly Diamond

Hyland’s campus recruiter

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Though we’re a tech company, we have interns in departments all over the organization. From software development to HR and everywhere in between, our 2022 intern class was comprised of 160 individuals from the U.S., India, Poland and the UK.

Now that their experience has come to a close, a few interns shared what it was like to live that #JoinHylandLife.

Hyland’s interns share their favorite takeaways from the summer

A part of the team

“I felt very supported during my time at Hyland,” said Kaitlyn F., a cloud support intern studying Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Toledo. “From my mentors, fellow interns, and other Hyland employees, there was always someone there that wanted to help us succeed and was able to answer any questions or give advice if we asked.”

“Intern life is very collaborative, and everyone wants you to succeed,” Kaitlyn continues. “It has the workplace experience and culture you look for by taking an internship but isn’t stressful even if you are starting without much background.”

An opportunity to hone their skills

Gabbie T., a customer intelligence and analytics intern studying Marketing & Business analytics at Ohio University, was looking forward to working somewhere in the tech industry where she could learn and use the newest software and tools available.

“The best thing I learned was how to create a Tableau dashboard from the ground up,” Gabbie said. “It’s a skill that I see myself using for the rest of my career as a marketing analyst, and I am glad I got the opportunity to navigate through the software.”

A time for growth

“I feel so much more confident and ready to enter the workforce after graduation having had my internship experience,” said Grace C., an Integrated Marketing intern studying Interactive Media Studies and Marketing at Miami (OH) University.

“The biggest difference between college life and intern life is the way I manage my time,” she said. “Figuring out the best way to be productive during my set hours was definitely a change, because in college anytime outside of class is really up to you to do whatever you want. I always made sure to plan out my next week on Fridays, and I thought that really helped me prioritize what I needed to do and get everything done efficiently.”

I learned things about myself that would have never been possible had it not been for this internship, such as my response to working under real pressure, having to master certain programs within an incredibly short time period and the reality of high expectations.

— Priyaka, R&D Pricing intern

A place to feel more than “just an intern”

In addition to feeling more confident after her internship, Grace C. enjoyed being involved and valued as a true member of the team, as well as getting to see how her work makes an impact.

“Throughout my internship I felt like I was always kept in the loop with what was going on with my team and department,” Grace said. “Because of that, I could see what the work I was doing was being used for, and its involvement in a higher-level impact. I think that really helped me stay motivated and made me feel like the work I was doing was valued.”

Memorable real-world experience — but make it fun!

For Priyaka N., a Pricing intern studying Finance at John Carroll University, the most valuable takeaway was one she discovered about herself.

“I learned things about myself that would have never been possible had it not been for this internship, such as my response to working under real pressure, having to master certain programs within an incredibly short time period and the reality of high expectations,” Priyaka said.

For Daniel N., a Financial Planning & Analysis intern studying Finance at The Ohio State University, it was the office life and people that made his experience a memorable one.

“I have learned so much through this summer,” Daniel said. “However, it has not been just that. It is not like I have been some sort of robot just doing work, it was exciting to come into the office every day. The environment, as I stated above, was fantastic. The people I met and worked with were expectational as well. This is an experience I will remember and be able to take the lessons I learned and improve myself.”

Okay, let’s be honest, getting paid is a nice perk too.

About Hyland’s internship program

With a 40-hour week Monday through Friday, our interns gain invaluable experience while they are employed for 12 weeks starting in May each year. We intentionally hire interns in areas of our business where there are future full-time hiring needs, with the hope they can find a full-time position at Hyland upon graduation.

Meaningful, real-world experience only scratches the surface of the benefits our internships provide.

Hyland internships are paid positions, and our interns enjoy many of the same benefits our full-time employees are offered, including:

  • Remote opportunities
  • Executive Speaker Series
  • Virtual lunch + learns and intern socials
  • Professional and peer mentoring
  • Behavioral health and nutrition education
  • Employee Resource Groups

To fill our intern positions, we consider a combination of skills, experience, academic major, self-projects and passion for technology. Opportunities are posted every September for the following year, allowing students to apply and potentially be hired by New Year’s.

Ready to experience a Hyland Internship for yourself? Learn more about our program and how you can start your career at Hyland with an internship.