September 05, 2022

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Linux and Hyland: Partnering for open source success

Thelma and Louise. Fish and chips. Venus and Serena. Guinness and … well, just about anything. Some things are just better together. That’s the power of partnership — working together so the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Photo of Angel Fernando Borroy.

Angel Borroy

Developer evangelist and open source advocate at Hylan

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Here’s another combination for the ages: Hyland is now a proud member of the Linux Foundation.

Founded in 2000, this nonprofit tech consortium provides a neutral, trusted hub for developers to code, manage and scale open technology projects.

We’re also a gold sponsor and attendee at the Linux Foundation’s Open Source Summit Europe, 13–16 September. Held in Dublin this year and available virtually, the Open Source Summit is the premier event for open source developers, technologists and community leaders.

My colleague, Antoine Thomas, and I will be at the event, presenting on how a cloud-native approach enables you to better deliver solutions to market. If you’re attending Open Source Summit this year, drop by booth G7 to say dia dhuit. (That’s Gaelic Irish for “hello.”)

Why join Linux Foundation? Hyland’s open source journey 

Here are some more details about the Hyland-Linux Foundation membership, why it’s important and what it means for you.

Furthering the Linux Foundation mission 

Hyland’s membership helps Linux Foundation:

  • Continue providing the programs and content that enable its many hosted open source project communities to thrive
  • Identify and implement opportunities for collaboration, including networking events like the Open Source Summit
  • Provide travel and mentorship funding to help train and engage future contributors to the open source community

Demonstrating Hyland’s commitment to open source

Being a part of the Linux Foundation is just one step on our journey to helping provide a future of open source innovation and sustainability.

Hyland acquired Alfresco in October 2020, which enriched our portfolio with an open, cloud-native enterprise content management solution. Shortly thereafter, we acquired Nuxeo in April 2021, which brought us a cloud-native, low-code content services platform that includes product asset management (PAM) and digital asset management (DAM) functionality.

With these new open source offerings in our arsenal, we’re actively working to share our open source vision and start creating collaborative relationships with other future-forward individuals and organizations. We know delivering open source, cloud-native products is more a group endeavour than an individual one, and we hope our participation will help the ecosystem in the same way the ecosystem will help Hyland.

Generating value for customers

Of course, the advantages also extend to our customers!

The vibrant open source ecosystem includes community-proven development libraries whose security has been soared by hundreds of companies. This has helped us deliver cutting-edge innovations in cloud, artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation more quickly. The developer-oriented universe also inspired us in how we build our low-code development platforms to be tech-friendly.

As a result, our customers can tap into easy-to-use, transformative solutions faster.

Amplifying the Hyland product and solution roadmap

The Linux Foundation’s methodology focuses on leveraging best practices to help users create sustainable models for open collaboration. Our membership grants us access to insights that can optimize how we use open source technologies and ideologies in our offerings.

This helps us deliver quality products that empower our customers to build solutions that fit their needs, reduce cost and accelerate their time to market. That’s a win-win for Hyland and our customers!

Looking forward to Open Source Summit

It’s such an exciting time to be in open source! I’m thrilled Hyland is taking an active role in helping the open source community thrive into the future. I can’t wait to collaborate and engage with all the attendees at Open Source Summit Europe this year.