Real-world innovation: How Hyland customers use technology to change lives

With our belief that innovators are everywhere, we know the world can change for the better — and we know our customers are at the forefront. We want to recognize them at our 2024 Innovation Awards, so they can share their accomplishments with their peers.

2023 CommunityLIVE Innovation Award winner holding trophy

“Innovators are everywhere.”

It’s more than just a thought; it’s a commitment to our customers.

Innovators are in your IT department, on your sales team, in creative brainstorms, working the front desk and out in the field doing the work that helps get business done every day.

While your innovators are everywhere, the question is, do they have what they need to innovate?

Believing that anyone, at any level of your organization, should have the power to innovate using the technology and the culture you cultivate is the cornerstone of the technology universe Hyland is building. We believe it of our own teams, and we’re on a mission to make sure you believe it, too — and can support it with your Hyland solutions.

Calling all innovators

For the second year, Hyland’s annual user meeting, CommunityLIVE, will highlight winners of our Innovation Awards.

Have you, your team or a partner done something remarkable with a Hyland solution? We want to hear about it. Submit your innovation to be nominated for any or all of the award categories listed.

About the awards

The awards program invites customers to submit innovations in these categories:

  • Greatest environmental and social impact
  • Most innovative cloud solution
  • Most transformative solution
  • New this year! Partner Innovation, where Hyland customers recognize a partner for their role in aiding your company on your innovation journey

Organizations may submit nominations for multiple award categories; however, there may be only one submission per organization.

Innovation Awards at CommunityLIVE

Three finalists in each category will be recognized live at the Hyland Innovation Awards program at CommunityLIVE 2024, September 22–26. Finalists in each category will be notified in advance and will receive a complimentary main conference pass. The winner in each category will also receive hotel accommodations to attend CommunityLIVE 2024.

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Innovation inspiration from 2023

2023 CommunityLIVE Innovation Award winner sharing his story

At 2023’s CommunityLIVE in Las Vegas, three Innovation Award winners not only took home trophies, but they also shared their stories with more than 1,000 fellow Hyland customers. In addition to elevating their accomplishments and their work, they also inspired an audience full of innovators to level-up their own transformative work over the next year.

From making an impact for some of the most vulnerable people in our communities to improving customer and employee experiences, we saw that innovating leads to good things. Let’s look at what last year’s winners did to earn their status as innovators of the year.

Greatest environmental and social impact

About the winner: South Carolina Department of Children's Advocacy provides care and services to children in foster care with a focus on helping them achieve permanency as quickly as possible.

The challenge: The department needed to improve the data-heavy process of reviewing cases for all children in the foster care system.

The innovation: South Carolina DCA replaced its outdated database with Hyland’s OnBase platform and leveraged capabilities such as document management, forms and workflow automation. This created easier access to centrally managed documents and data.

The result:

  • Greater efficiency in processing children’s cases
  • Faster and more accurate visibility into comprehensive data used to identify barriers and provide recommendations
  • An improved system, ultimately positively impacting the lives of children and families
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We challenge our employees to have a ‘culture of OnBase’ — to think about innovation and OnBase first when trying to solve problems. We encourage them to envision how OnBase, Workview and RPA can build transformative solutions that create more efficiency for their teams.”

— Kyle Swearingen, VP of Development, Funeral Directors Life Insurance Company,
2023 Innovation Award Winner, Most Transformative Solution

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Most transformative solution

About the winner: Funeral Directors Life Insurance Company (FDLIC), a leading preneed insurance provider and an OnBase customer, had a culture of innovation. It just needed to keep pushing. The company held an annual Hack Week, and in 2022, the five days of innovation became a fast-path to an RPA solution.

The challenge: FDLIC was bogged down with manual tasks and bottlenecks, and employees’ time couldn’t be used efficiently. Morale and culture was suffering. A lack of connectivity between stakeholders was limiting FDLIC’s speed to market, its flexibility to adjust workflows as necessary and, most importantly, the ability for employees to engage with customers on a personal level.

The innovation: During FDLIC’s Hack Week, a team experimented with Hyland RPA. The promising exploration led the company to implement Hyland RPA, and it is now integrated into six departments, with 13 processes in place, and more underway.

The result:

  • Hyland RPA automated tedious tasks for claims
  • FDLIC saved a staggering 4,029 processing hours in 2022
  • Through mid-year 2023, it saved an additional 1,791 processing hours
  • Over a two-year period, claims volume increased by more than $15 million
clock icon

4,029 hours

Time saved by automating tedious tasks
arrow trending up icon

$15 million

Increase in claims volume with RPA in place

Most innovative cloud solution

About the winner: American Family Mutual Insurance Company, Standard Insurance is one of the nation’s largest property and casualty insurance groups.

The challenge: Multiple legacy systems spread across the organization (a result of several acquisitions over the past decade) were ballooning costs and harming the ability of the teams to get work done efficiently. American Family had to find a way to minimize IT costs, increase collaboration and improve scalability in order to better serve customers.

The innovation: Consolidating on-premises systems was a massive leap from the status quo, but the organization decided to move forward with its vision. It replaced its legacy systems with Hyland’s cloud-native Nuxeo Platform.

The result: With enterprise content services in the cloud and multiple core system integrations, American Family was able to drive better operational efficiencies, resulting in the excellent customer experiences it had set out to achieve.

Bring your innovation to CommunityLIVE

Because customers are at the core of what Hyland strives to accomplish — that is, to help you max-out the value of your enterprise content, transform the way you work and deliver exceptional experiences to those you serve — nothing helps us like hearing from you.

Join this inaugural class of Innovation Awards winner by submitting your own transformation story!

Submit an innovation

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