Transportation and logistics

Improve end-to-end visibility and minimize delays

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Your suppliers, customers and executive management expect flawless transportation and logistics services, but manual processes can limit your capacity to do so — especially when precious time and resources are spent sorting paper, searching for physical files and inputting data.

International transportation documents are the lifeblood of global trade supply chains. Moving away from the need to dedicate staff to manually input data from these documents — like freight invoices, commercial invoices and bills of lading — into your existing systems helps ensure shipments make it to the desired locations on time.

Instantly capture and digitize documents

Hyland’s transportation and logistics automation solution enables you to instantly capture, identify and digitize transportation and trade documents in any form. With unlimited, configurable workflows and inherent integration capabilities, you can easily connect and automate data transfer between all trade management and transportation systems.

By electronically capturing and automatically routing all incoming trade document data, organizations improve end-to-end visibility into complex supply chain processes and increase control over supply chain events. This leads to reduced total freight spend and improved import/export trade compliance. 

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