Incident Management Solutions

Reduce risk and stay compliant

More control, better insights and fewer losses

When your store employees are spending time reporting incidents like fraud, theft and injuries, they aren’t focusing on serving your customers; especially when they’re forced to search for information and complete more than one process. In addition, when the information needed to create a report is stored in multiple systems, it can be impossible to assess risks and see a clear, accurate picture of what’s going on in your operations.

Hyland's incident management solution helps you bring it all together for a reporting process that’s simple, digital and doesn’t drain your resources. You’ll be able to gather, store and access all information in a single location for better insight, more control and improved loss prevention. With dynamic case management technology, you’ll have the power to define routines to ensure all steps are completed, while providing your team with the flexibility they need to make adjustments on a case-by-case basis.

With incident management solutions from Hyland, you can:

  • Create completely digital case files - Store paper and electronic information in a single location, and make it accessible anytime, anywhere, via any channel.
  • Increase speed and agility - Provide employees with clear, concise steps to follow, and make it easy for them to adapt the process based on the needs of the case.
  • Prevent future losses - With better insight into the incidents happening across your company, you’ll be able to detect trends and take actions that prevent future incidents and improve risk management.
  • Strengthen customer service - When employees aren’t sidetracked by a complicated reporting process, they’ll be able to return their focus on your customers sooner.
  • Reduce shrinkage - With a more efficient process, you’ll be able to leverage your data to solve the shrink that’s affecting your business.
  • Boost security and compliance - When all your case information is stored in one place, keeping up with compliance regulations and ensuring your data is protected is easier than ever.