Medical records classification

Automate medical records classification tasks with OnBase

Improve HIM accuracy, speed and consistency

Easily manage the high volumes and diverse formats of patient information that originate inside and outside of your healthcare organization with the OnBase medical records classification solutions.

OnBase automatically captures, identifies and assigns document types – with the option to assign visit numbers and patient identifiers – and routes exceptions to staff for review.

Available in OnBase 18, Medical Records Classification is pre-configured to recognize more than 100 different document types, and as part of purchase, a services engagement can map to additional existing document types for more customized capture.

By automating these time-consuming, error-prone classification tasks, OnBase Medical Records Classification gives your organization an edge over those still relying on slow, inefficient manual classification processes. With OnBase, accurate information routes to your EMR faster and your HIM staff have more time for higher-value work.