Deficiency management solutions

Manage chart deficiencies more accurately and efficiently

Heath information management  (HIM) analysts must work quickly and accurately. Performing chart deficiency analysis manually makes it difficult to meet deadlines because of how long it takes to analyze code and paper charts by hand. Any delay in identifying deficiencies can result in a delayed or denied payment and jeopardize regulatory compliance.

OnBase content services provide an electronic deficiency management solution with a simple, intuitive interface that speeds deficiency identification, assignment and completion – reducing errors and delays. And, by managing content in clinical, revenue cycle and administrative areas with a single enterprise platform, OnBase extends throughout your organization to improve processes system-wide.

A one-size-fits-all chart deficiency system

A flexible, scalable solution, OnBase meets your needs regardless of your organization's size or function. This includes small community hospitals, large health systems, ambulatory centers, physician practices and home care, hospice or behavioral health facilities.

With case management and business process capabilities, OnBase for chart deficiency management:

  • Captures content, including high-volume scanning and fax integration, to ensure analysts work with a complete record
  • Assigns specific charts to analysts automatically based on any criteria – length of stay, type of visit, facility, etc. – to heighten efficiency
  • Features advanced workflow tools to streamline any analysis process required, saving analysts time
  • Eliminates the need to run reports to determine which physicians are delinquent on which charts by automatically creating and emailing delinquency letters
  • Offers remote and web-based access for physicians, allowing them to securely complete deficiencies from the comfort of their home office via an iPad or PC

And, with security tools to help preserve patient confidentiality and privacy, the OnBase solution for chart deficiency management provides secure access and audit trails to ensure compliance.

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