Post-acute care management

Improve post-acute patient care and reduce readmissions

Payment reform finds hospital systems collaborating with external providers and other health organisations like never before. Health systems face a number of challenges, from conflicting budget priorities to razor-thin reimbursements. To maximise both efficiency and profitability, post-acute healthcare organisations must improve the way patient health information (PHI) transfers between acute and post-acute settings.

Acute settings have experienced the benefits of OnBase for years:

  • Electronically managing Subject Access Request requests to securely share PHI
  • Accurately and automatically aggregating all of the documents and care summaries comprising a patient’s medical history
  • Mitigating risk while delivering a more complete picture across the care continuum

By managing clinical and corporate records content in a single, secure, centralised repository, OnBase improves care coordination, increasing collaboration and providing greater insight to improve the quality of care across the continuum.

From hospital admission through post-acute recovery, OnBase helps post-acute care facilities:

  • Improve information sharing
  • Speed admission decisions
  • Increase referrals
  • Reduce readmission rates
  • Avoid penalties