Improve medical records coding

Support faster, more accurate medical coding processes with image-enabled coding solutions

It’s a vicious cycle: Coding delays create reimbursement delays and manual coding processes lead to errors, which create coding delays.

Healthcare organisations need speed and accuracy.

By image-enabling medical records with OnBase content services, healthcare organisations give authorised users immediate and simultaneous access to more complete patient charts, so that they can find the information they need, right when they need it.

Improved access to medical records and workflow tools accelerate coding tasks

While working in their coding applications, OnBase helps coders manage their medical records coding workflows to expedite chart deficiency management tasks. With the OnBase image-enabled coding solution, coders:

  • Query physicians electronically to get answers more quickly about incomplete records or missing signatures
  • Know they’re working from the most current information as OnBase securely stores charts in a single, central location
  • Work remotely with confidence, easily accessing all the necessary content through OnBase or the EPR

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