Is it time to say goodbye to your legacy ECM system?

If your organization is like many others, you likely have one or more legacy ECM or repository systems that are not only still in service, they actively support your core business processes. 

With their outdated technology, dated interfaces, and limited integration options, your legacy systems are probably already detracting from your users’ productivity. 

But legacy technology often has many other, less obvious detriments including:

  • Costs of licensing and maintaining legacy software and hardware, such as training administrators and investing in time-consuming custom integrations
  • Security risks due to inadequate or antiquated security features, protocols and access controls
  • Compliance risks, including the inability to automate compliance processes or to provide auditing or reporting that proves compliance
  • Dated, proprietary technology that is not cloud-native and is difficult to extend, integrate and scale
  • Difficulty in finding experts to maintain the aging technology  
  • Poor user experience due to unintuitive, complicated interfaces and a lack of support for modern devices, browsers and operating systems

Why choose Hyland?

Hyland’s modern, open content services platforms are cloud-native and built from the ground up to enable extensibility and integration. Our low-code interfaces and solutions provide a rapid time to value and enable developers to build more quickly than ever before. 

Our thriving ecosystem of professional services, partners and systems-integrator networks are ready to help modernize your content services platform so your employees can focus on high-value tasks. 

Hear from customers who have switched to Hyland: