Computer-assisted coding software

Ensure rapid reimbursement by integrating OnBase with computer-assisted coding software

The accuracy of code assignment directly impacts how quickly your healthcare organisation receives reimbursement for treatments and services. With many key documents — including physician orders and discharge summaries — living outside the EPR, your coders and computer-assisted coding (CAC) applications have limited access to this important information. These process delays strain cash flow.

By integrating with CAC applications*, including solutions from Optum™ and 3M™, OnBase supports more accurate, efficient medical billing by providing access to the complete patient record, including both clinical data and supporting documentation.

Manage clinical content

OnBase captures, securely stores and manages all clinical documentation and links this crucial content to the patient data within your EPR.

By integrating OnBase with your CAC application, you provide coders with access to all the data and supporting documents they need for effective coding, directly from the CAC interface. At the same time, OnBase enables your CAC application to:

  • Extend optical character recognition (OCR) and natural language processing (NLP) capabilities to the entire clinical record
  • Provide better medical code recommendations
  • Present coders with codes to review/validate as needed, with all documentation required to make decisions one mouse-click away 

Maintain productivity and cash flow with a medical billing and computer-assisted coding solution

Ensuring staff have the information they need improves the accuracy and efficiency of medical coding systems in healthcare. You’ll decrease denials, accelerate reimbursements and reduce the need for rework. And by enabling coders to easily access the information they need from within familiar coding systems, you’ll maximise productivity to reduce costly process delays.

Rapidly deployed in either hosted (cloud) or premises-based environments, an OnBase integration with your CAC system can improve your medical billing and coding processes — and your bottom line.

*Please check with your CAC vendor to determine if your product supports the OnBase CAC Integration.

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