Healthcare compliance software

Ensure adherence to industry regulations and internal policies 

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It’s essential that everyone within your facility reads and acknowledges the most current policies. Being able to prove it while preparing for an audit is even more important.

OnBase content services help facilitate collaborative creation of policy and procedure documentation and manage policy revisions while easing content dissemination and tracking.

Healthcare organisations using OnBase to manage policies and procedures:

  • Rapidly distribute documents to the entire workforce, providing immediate access to required reading 
  • Facilitate consistent knowledge transfer using a single, automated, centralised tool 
  • Enforce accountability by requiring users to review documents and supply proof of acknowledgement.  
  • Easily audit reading compliance by accurately and automatically reporting and identifying delinquencies 
  • Configure an automatic escalation process for delinquencies

OnBase offers a complete healthcare compliance solution to manage the policies and procedures you need your employees to understand – and it measures comprehension by automatically displaying a test or survey after employee acknowledgment. Organisations may also use OnBase to automatically manage policy expiration dates, revisions and versions, as well as the document creation and approval workflows, even performing approvals using a mobile device – iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows.

Streamline your healthcare policies and procedures with OnBase:  

  • Save staff time for every policy-related process
  • Confidently maintain accreditation compliance
  • Always know the location and status of every policy and procedure
  • Eliminate out-of-date and redundant policies and procedures
  • Establish an audit trail for each policy with automated archiving and version control
  • Enable faster, more accurate document review with online collaboration