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As a healthcare organization, nothing matters more to you than your patients. Everything you do is geared towards ensuring you deliver the best care and patient experience possible. Hyland Healthcare provides the connected healthcare solutions that put patient content at your fingertips, allowing you to focus on your patients rather than searching for the information you need to make vital clinical decisions.

The value of connected healthcare

Bringing content services and enterprise imaging together

Interoperability on FHIR

The growth of the FHIR standard and its impact on healthcare interoperability.

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Connected content enables better care

Hyland Healthcare offers a full suite of content services and enterprise imaging solutions. Together, these tools allow you to harness all the unstructured content throughout your healthcare enterprise and connect it to the core applications you use every day. With enterprise access to clinical documents, medical images and other unstructured information, you will gain a more comprehensive view of your patient, improve clinical decision making and support better outcomes.