ERP Integrations for Accounts Payable Automation

Connect accounts payable documents and data with your ERP

Hyland offers best practice accounts payable automation solutions featuring direct integrations with leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. When integrated with your ERP, Hyland solutions accelerate the payables process by centralizing access to related AP documents, automating manual tasks like data entry and invoice approvals, and enabling real-time data exchange with ERPs to minimize exceptions and errors.

Access critical information without leaving your ERP

Hyland ERP integrations allows staff to view supporting documents, like invoices, check images or vendor contracts, directly from the corresponding records and transactions in your ERP.

Eliminate manual data entry with intelligent capture

By combining the OnBase enterprise information platform with the power of Brainware intelligent capture, organizations automate the capture and validation of invoice data and automatically update ERP records without manual data entry.

Automate and transform invoice processing

Hyland workflow automation routes information and tasks to those who need it, when they need it, while robust reporting tools provide visibility into the status and performance of your AP process.

Learn more about our best practice accounts payable automation solutions for your ERP integration.

JD Edwards

Hyland’s JD Edwards EnterpriseONE integration provides users with a complete view of AP processes. Learn more about the validated integration.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Hyland’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration accelerates processing from the moment an invoice is received. Learn how this integration can benefit your organization.


An SAP integration with AP automation can streamline the manual process that feed or rely on your SAP system. Learn how this works.


Hyland's mission is to become Workday’s go-to integration partner for content services, allowing you to transform AP operations.

E-Business Suite

With the OnBase and Oracle E-Business Suite Integration, employees can spend less time managing data, documents and processes within their familiar interface.


A PeopleSoft integration allows your staff to manage their documents right from their familiar Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise interface.

Infor Lawson

The Infor Lawson integration with OnBase connects related documents and data directly to your Infor Lawson software interface. Users have access to data with a single click.