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10 questions about the Hyland integration for Salesforce

Get answers to FAQs on Hyland’s Salesforce-certified integration.

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When Salesforce is your home base, it can be time consuming, frustrating and potentially costly to have to jump between systems to get the data and documents you need. Enter the Hyland OnBase Integration for Salesforce.

The OnBase Integration for Salesforce extends the industry-leading content services capabilities of OnBase to give users instant access to critical information — all within their familiar Salesforce user interface. Users can easily import, search, retrieve and view relevant documents directly from corresponding Salesforce records.

Streamline your processes — improving productivity, employee satisfaction and business and customer relationships. Explore the most common questions about our Salesforce-certified integration:

How does the Hyland OnBase Integration for Salesforce differ from the Salesforce built-in CMS?

The Hyland Salesforce connector offers more robust content services capabilities, allowing for:

  • Rich capture
  • Better search functionality
  • Built-in content viewer
  • Competitive storage pricing
  • Support for more content types
  • Integrations across multiple core organization-wide applications

What versions of OnBase does the Salesforce integration support?

Customers must have OnBase Foundation EP3 or higher.

The most recent enhancement package, EP5, is a long-term release, which means customers on EP5 will receive critical updates, security patches and fixes over a longer term than non-long-term EPs.

Please note that installation also requires the following:

  • Hyland Identity Provider (IdP)
  • Hyland API Server

54 percent of customers say it generally feels like they’re communicating with separate departments, not one company, with 65 percent saying they often need to repeat or re-explain information

— State of the Connected Consumer Report, 4th Edition, Salesforce

Is any coding required?

Staying true to our commitment to low code, user-friendly functionality — coding is not required for the basic connector within Salesforce or OnBase. Built-in configuration provides mapping between Salesforce data and OnBase concepts, which reduces manual indexing and eliminates custom API development costs. The integration can also be configured from within the familiar Salesforce environment, enabling you to reap the benefits without burdening IT resources.

If I upload a document in OnBase, will I see it in Salesforce (and vice versa)?

Yes, the OnBase Integration for Salesforce allows for bidirectional communication between the two platforms if keywords and queries are configured correctly in both systems. In addition, keywords can be entered directly in Salesforce.

Can I download or print documents from the Salesforce integration?

Yes, if your Salesforce and OnBase permissions allow for document downloads and printing. Please note, documents may also be locked down or have security permissions on specific keywords.

What type of Workflow functionality is supported with the connector?

The Hyland Salesforce connector lets you view OnBase workflow lifecycles and queues that you have access to; view documents associated with a specific queue and any associated queue filters; and execute ad-hoc tasks.

What’s the pricing structure for the OnBase Integration for Salesforce?

Pricing for the Salesforce integration aligns with the Salesforce pricing model and is structured on a per-user basis. For on-premises deployments, the cost is $20 per user, per month, and $35 per user, per month for Hyland-managed instances. There is a 25-user minimum and enterprise pricing is available. To discuss pricing specific to your organization, contact your account representative. Need help connecting with your rep? Tell our chat bot, “I want to talk to sales” or contact us another way.

Will the OnBase Integration for Salesforce work with Hyland Cloud deployments?

Yes, Hyland Cloud implementations are compatible with the OnBase Integration for Salesforce.

Are Unity Forms submissions supported?

While on the connector functionality roadmap, currently, users cannot submit or edit new or existing Unity Forms with the OnBase Integration for Salesforce. Users can view a Unity Form in its current state as if it were a flattened document.

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Demo: OnBase Integration for Salesforce

Discover how the integration centralizes key content in one location and delivers information when and where you need it.