Insurance agency management software

Streamline agency tasks with
insurance agency management software solutions

Insurance companies rely on agents and brokers to produce business. Managing these important distribution channel relationships is labor intensive. The back end of this relationship is process intensive and involves a great deal of administrative effort.

Initial onboarding may include contracts, training, licensing, appointments and more - many of which must also be revisited annually. With Hyland content services solutions, organizations manage these processes with automated business process management tools. Notifications and timers keep insurers on top of the varied and numerous dates and renewal cycles. And, automated task assignments and scheduling offer insurers additional efficiencies. This insurance agency management software solution can also automate the dissemination of information and integrate with agency portals.

And, with ShareBase, insurers create a continuous dialogue with their agent and broker partners.  The natural interaction between ShareBase and OnBase allows the sharing of documents, such as E&O policy information, licensing, contracts and more,  automatically as part of the agency management solution.