March 10, 2022

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Tips to identify if managed services is right for your organization

More organizations are turning to Hyland Managed Services to help support the life, value and success of their Hyland solutions — but how do you know if a managed services model is right for you and what service level you need?

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Whether you’re a current Hyland customer or considering becoming one, we understand your business is unique. That’s why we offer a variety of support options to align with your needs, including our flexible, tiered managed services offerings.

While contacting your Hyland account or project manager is the best way for current customers to determine what service type, level and add-ons are best, here are some helpful considerations to get you started.

When to choose managed services vs. staff augmentation or other support options

Hyland Managed Services

Hyland Managed Services is best for our customers who want:

  • A long-term, ongoing support model
  • Shared application ownership with Hyland and its experts
  • Monthly, subscription-based billing

With Hyland Managed Services, you don’t have to worry about hours or surprise additional costs. It’s an operational expense that is billed monthly, rather than up-front, so you can more easily budget with a fixed, predictable and regular schedule.

You’ll also work with a designated service delivery manager who is a Hyland employee — not a contractor — to ensure your success.

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Staff augmentation services

A staff augmentation approach is best if you want a designated resource to help execute on a project that is guided by your team within defined hours. In addition, this option is for you if you do not want shared application ownership with Hyland. Our experts join your team for as long as you need to meet your project requirements. 

Technical account manager

Hyland technical account managers (TAMs) are best if you have large, complex Hyland deployments that require dedicated, long-term, technical-level support and you do not want shared application ownership. Your Hyland TAM will integrate into your team and develop a deep understanding of your needs to provide informed guidance and advocacy. Your TAM will assist in critical situations and escalations, ensuring timely resolution and high customer satisfaction.

Traditional project

Sometimes you simply need assistance to get a project over the finish line — on time, within scope and on budget. If you have a specific request with a defined scope and start and stop dates, a traditional services engagement is the best approach. Hyland’s certified project management experts provide a single point of contact to help guide projects from initiation through go-live and closure.

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Find which Hyland managed services level is right for you

Between challenges ranging from the hiring, retaining and upskilling in-house IT talent to competing projects and priorities, there can be a number of obstacles standing in the way of you capitalizing on today’s digital transformation trends.

Businesses are turning to managed services models to help address these challenges and control costs, increase efficiencies and improve business outcomes.

And the research shows it’s working: The International Data Corporation found that for every 100 users, managed IT services could save businesses over $375,000 annually. While the cost savings are significant, the research also noted a 42% increase in IT staff productivity, delivering higher quality IT services with significant improvements in annual downtime.

While the benefits and value are clear, determining which level is best for your needs might not be. Here’s some guidance to help:

Advise: Consultations and advisements

The Advise level is Hyland’s base tier. This service level is best if you’re looking for configuration recommendations, design reviews and assistance with troubleshooting. Advise-level customers receive services through an allotment of consultation sessions, which are available remotely.

Operate: Your system administrator

Hyland’s Operate level is ideal if you have staff but are looking for a system administrator to manage daily tasks and keep your solution at a steady state. At the Operate level, you need to have resources to manage elective changes/enhancements, upgrades and solution expansion as these services are not included at this level. You can, however, supplement any service tier with add-on services. The Operate tier also includes the services under Monitor.

Enhance: Enhancement management and execution

The Enhance tier is best if you need Hyland’s Managed Services team to manage and execute enhancements, which are incremental updates, to currently deployed solutions, in addition to access to annual upgrades, strategic workshops and all the services at the Operate level. An example of an enhancement is adding a workflow to an existing solution workflow.

Expand: Solution management and expansion

If you’re looking for Hyland experts to manage and execute your solution expansion beyond your currently deployed solution, in addition to the service offerings at the Enhance tier, then the Expand level is for you. For example, if you have a deployed Human Resources solution and wish to add an Accounts Payable or other department workflow, it would be covered under the Expand level.

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