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An overview of Hyland Managed Services

Hyland Managed Services provides service-level driven application management, operational support, product expertise, continued optimization and business transformation.

Organizations choose managed services not only to ensure their solutions are expertly managed by trusted partners but also to avoid the time-consuming and expensive challenge of finding, securing and retaining specialized talent in a highly competitive IT landscape.

By leveraging Hyland for Managed Services, enterprises relieve operational IT strain by focusing more of their resources on core competencies — whilst our team of experts and consultants administer, optimize and expand your most important solutions. Hyland’s Managed Services model gives you access to:

  • Proactive support of the maintenance, enhancement, development and optimization of key solutions
  • Consulting as a service and on-demand access to global experts that drive the success of your solutions for optimal user experience
  • A collaborative team that charts a strategic path forward with Hyland’s suite of products and services