Managed Services

Trust the maintenance and optimization of your Hyland solutions to our expert teams

With industry standards, security requirements, regulations, digital technology capabilities and mobile consumer engagement ever-evolving, it’s more critical than ever for your organization to keep up with the pace by continually improving your content services solutions. This includes ensuring your information management strategy scales with today's digitally-dominant way of conducting business. 

Hyland's Managed Services can help.

Proactive, flexible service levels, on-demand access to experts and predictable costs

Managed Services provide you a simple way to outsource system administration, solution maintenance and ongoing configuration optimization of your content services solutions — along with advanced enhancements including integration, development and automation.

We make it simple for you to ensure your Hyland solutions are at the top of their game, providing the service level that meets your organization's unique needs:

The components available in each tier are custom-tailored to your organization from our comprehensive catalog of Managed Services — so you can be assured that your Hyland Managed Service will be well-suited to support your unique and specific goals.

All tiered offerings provide on-demand access to consultants, and provide the level of service, schedule and SLAs that meet your requirements, service duration and operational budget.

A proven model for accelerated digital transformation and ROI

More and more organizations are moving to managed services models not only to ensure their solutions are expertly managed by trusted partners, but also to avoid the time-consuming and expensive challenge of finding, securing and retaining specialized talent in a highly competitive IT landscape.

Partnering with Hyland to manage the optimization of your solution ensures it will continually meet the needs of your evolving business requirements for security, performance, functionality, interoperability and user delight.

And achieve digital transformation and faster ROI in a predictable, fixed, operational cost structure.

Today's world is currently immersed in a digital paradigm shift, with recent trends and technologies redefining the way organizations in every industry conduct business. And continually improving your content services solutions, or getting new information management skills in-house is often no longer a scalable model. As a result, organizations are increasingly turning to cloud and managed services to address these obstacles. 

Opportunity comes to those who are prepared

Being prepared means having the resources to ensure your Hyland solutions adapt and optimize with evolving business requirements.

Partnering with our Managed Services team enables your organization to lower the costs, time and risk associated with administering and supporting your Hyland solution, while bringing a variety of resources with the most skill and industry expertise to continually optimize it.