What is Data Capture?

Automated data capture solutions

Data capture, or electronic data capture, is the process of extracting information from a document and converting it into data readable by a computer.

More generally, data capturing can also refer to collecting relevant information whether sourced from paper or electronic documents. Optical character recognition can also be a component of data capture involving the extraction of text from scanned or digital documents (receipts, contracts, books, etc.,) and the conversion of the results into data for editing and processing.

Why use an automated data capture solution?

Automated data capture solutions will reduce the amount of manual date entry required, reducing costs and speeding content into the designated business and organizational processes.

Advantages of combining data capture with an enterprise information platform

By employing a single enterprise information platform with data capture features, businesses can:

  • Reduce costs
  • Accelerate processes
  • Improve customer service
  • Maintain and support a single system

And, with connected systems, you can ensure employees have access to accurate information by:

  • Electronically identifying and classifying documents
  • Capturing data from documents
  • Ensuring users only see the information they need
  • Indexing data for ease of search and retrieval
  • Validating data

This provides staff with the most up-to-date, accurate information when they need it and without redundancies inherent in working with multiple systems. Employees are able to focus on more high-level tasks and customer service.

When used alongside the platform’s content management and process automation and workflow capabilities, the capture process can be configured to occur at any point in a document’s lifecycle to best optimize processes.

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