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Transform the student experience with Hyland Credentials for higher education

Improve efficiency, security and record-keeping with blockchain-secured digital credentials.

Issue verifiable digital records in a blockchain-secured format with Hyland Credentials.

Employers and universities seek swift, accurate and efficient means of verifying applicants’ education to inform hiring and admission decisions.

Students need a secure, tamper-proof way of sharing academic records, and employers require a fast and precise method of authenticating information.

However, these records are often still paper-based documents that are slow to issue, easy to fake and expensive to verify — with the average print time for diplomas ranging from 4–6 weeks.

To meet the efficiency and security demands of modern education, EDUCAUSE highlights the need for IT leaders to leverage technology, data insights and agility to create a frictionless student experience. That’s why many institutions are now looking for alternative ways to issue paper-based diplomas and certificates to support online, in-person and hybrid learning.

Hyland Credentials for higher education provides a complete solution for issuing digital credentials for educational records — including diplomas, certificates, micro-credentials, curricula, copyrights, intellectual property and transcripts. This is done in a blockchain-secured format that is shareable and instantly verifiable anywhere in the world.

This innovative solution enables educational institutions to create custom credentials, import recipient data and issue digital records quickly and securely through a secure, convenient and decentralized system powered by blockchain technology.

By reducing the reliance on time-consuming and costly paper-based records, universities can improve efficiency, streamline record-keeping and combat fraud, all while providing students with a better experience.

Key benefits of Hyland Credentials:

  • Leverage a no-code, complete solution for digital credentialing from issuance to authentication and verification
  • Integrate with third-party applications effortlessly via a suite of credential APIs, including time stamping, e-signatures, digital signatures and blockchain anchoring
  • Enable instant, independent digital verification of credentials through blockchain-powered technology
  • Easily import recipient data, retain permanent records of credentials and manage lists of credential holders and contact groups
  • Improve security measures while empowering students to quickly share their credentials with other institutions and employers

How it impacts colleges and universities

  • Reduce paper-based processes, improve record-keeping and increase efficiencies without capital investment and programmatic overhaul
  • Provide students with their earned credentials on time and in a format they can easily share
  • Prevent fraud and reduce risk with the Blockcerts open standard — renowned as the world’s most secure digital document format
  • Enhance brand visibility with efficient credential design capabilities
  • Strengthen employer/academic relationships to meet the increasing demand for digital credentials among institutions and businesses

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