April 13, 2020

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Digital credentials: The safe and forward-looking choice

Looking for a way to issue free digital diplomas and awards to accommodate virtual graduation events?

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The reality of today’s challenging times has created a difficult and extraordinary situation for higher education institutions. The importance of safety through social distancing has become paramount, especially on once-crowded campuses.

Throughout this upheaval, it has been encouraging to see education providers quickly responding with a shift to eLearning solutions and digital collaboration tools in order to continue operations and reduce disruptive impact – all while enhancing campus safety. This ethos of dedication to student enablement continues to bring new life to educational institutions every day.

Rightly so, higher education institutions have responded by canceling or postponing in-person events such as graduations and award ceremonies. These are painful decisions because these events are often singular, like commencement ceremonies, and celebrate years of hard work.

This has left many schools looking for ways to issue digital diplomas and awards to accommodate virtual graduation events.

Easy and secure digital diplomas

As a response, Hyland has introduced a digital credentialing solution that directly contributes to a safer and more distributed way of rewarding student achievement. Unlike traditional PDF records, our digital credentials are self-attesting, meaning that employers, schools, and governments can instantly verify them without needing to look them up in a database or check with the issuing institution.

A unique digital signature verifies that your institution issued the diploma, rather than a software vendor. Plus, verification is instant and free for everyone: Students, employers, and educational institutions.

The Hyland Credentials for Higher Ed solution enables you to easily design diploma templates, import student data, and issue digital diplomas with the highest level of data security. The solution automatically sends email invites to students, inviting them to participate. If they opt in, the system issues a digital diploma in a format that is student-owned, tamper-proof, and easily verifiable.

Additionally, our team can remotely assist you with a quick technical setup in time for this coming graduation season.

The future of digital education is here now

A move toward self-verifying, recipient-owned credentials complements the accelerated shift to digital forms of delivering education itself. eLearning is no longer merely a trend or a fad, but the future that is here today.

Our current situation is only reinforcing a digital transformation that was already well underway. And, while self-verifying digital credentials are particularly valuable during a time of social distancing, they will be increasingly required to do business in a transnational, virtual economy as students graduate and seek employment in a global marketplace that has fundamentally changed.

There will, of course, be a return to greater in-person instruction once the current crisis subsides, but educational institutions will take what they have learned and fold it into their day-to-day operations and ongoing contingency planning. Schools will continue to maintain virtual services delivery infrastructure as part of routine preparedness for future uncertainties.

Hyland is prepared to creatively navigate these changes with our customers and partners. Please reach out to us if you think a virtual graduation with digital diplomas can help you better serve your students during this extraordinary time.

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