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Transform constituent communication with Content Composer

Content Composer for government agencies improves correspondence with your constituents at each touchpoint — helping you overcome slow, cumbersome manual and antiquated processes. 

The expectation for quick, transparent and consistent communications from government agencies has never been higher.

Content Composer, Hyland’s customer communications management product, helps federal, state and local agencies enhance constituent engagement while improving efficiencies and lowering costs.

With Content Composer, you improve touchpoints with constituents and deliver trustworthy, accurate correspondence using a platform made to meet the unique needs of government.

Key benefits of Content Composer

Deploy timely, personalized communication

  • Personalize communications from the first interaction
  • Target your audience by preferred channel, format and device
  • Use interactive controls to personalize, package and approve the final composition

Consolidate communication applications with a single turnkey solution

  • Manage high-output volumes and complex document formats
  • Author and manage document content with an intuitive interface run by process owners
  • Promote data integrity by pulling data directly from multiple systems, eliminating errors and leveraging the most up-to-date information from the primary source

Support the creation of communications through direct integration with core systems

  • Replace digitally limited legacy systems
  • Integrate into your existing and future agency processes
  • Access data from multiple sources

Core features of Content Composer for government agencies

Dynamic data gathering

  • Pull data from multiple sources to rapidly generate personalized output on the fly
  • Use existing data from ERP applications, local databases, SharePoint, XML, ODBC or ADO.NET connections, Perceptive Content and OnBase systems
  • Provide fully embedded document creation functionality for existing enterprise applications like SAP, Siebel, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics through web services
  • Take advantage of omni-channel distribution for flexible and convenient delivery of information

Document creation

  • Create and edit documents with an integrated, intuitive designer
  • Generate personalized documents on demand using templates and text blocks within the familiar Microsoft Word environment
  • Model output with actual data in the integrated data designer
  • Perform batch processing for fully automated high-volume production
  • Organize document types via advanced template management

Comprehensive output choices

  • Support multiple output channels, including email, print, SMS text, fax and archive
  • Select standard file formats, including AFP, PCL, PS, PDF and TIFF
  • Deliver collected data in a single, structured XML file
  • Manage output for post-processing, postage-optimization and barcode/OMR generation
  • Create workflows for document generation via different channels and formats

Empower constituents and streamline your most frequent communications

Content Composer saves time, effort and expense throughout your vital constituent communications, in every stage of the process.

And you have the flexibility to use the distribution method that best works for each audience segment.

Provide your constituents with timely correspondence across government programs and services, including:

  • Public records requests
  • Human services/Public assistance
  • Workforce services
  • Professional Licenses

Content Composer improves efficiency across processes like communicating program eligibility, recertification status and next steps for interviews or inspections, renewal letters for licenses and general services updates.

It reduces the strain on IT resources, while also extending the value of your existing core systems, so you can focus on providing superior service to your constituents.