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What does the future look like for creative campaign development?

Modern omnichannel marketing demands various types of digital assets — which is why campaign development needs to grow in agility.

While manufacturing puts new ideas into production, campaign creative development gets creative content ready for product launches and distribution.

Earlier in the product design process, structured information was dominant — involving information like product technical specifications and standard angle product photographs.

Now that manufacturing has begun, marketing takes over and creative content becomes more unstructured and unique.

Challenges in creative campaign development

Working with various types of digital content whilst utilizing traditional product management strategies is risky. Companies will likely encounter some (or all) of these frustrations:

  1. Marketing teams give detailed briefs to external agencies, but this essential context isn’t maintained with the content that comes back, making it difficult to use beyond the requesting team and initial purpose.
  2. Separate repositories for videos, images, layouts and documents make it harder to source, access and reuse successful material in new campaigns.
  3. Approval processes take too long and require too many manual handoffs — like printing out layout options and delivering them to a VP’s desk because he doesn’t have Illustrator.
  4. Version control is difficult to maintain when many copies of multiple versions of an asset are in various places, leading to incorrect or outdated material being used.

These problems are made even more difficult by the fact that creatives prefer to work in unique ways, and don’t like “one size fits all” digital asset management (DAM) solutions that force them to adapt their well-developed creative process to inflexible software requirements.

Hyland’s Nuxeo Platform is a better way to make creativity work for the largest companies in the world: scalable, adaptable and omnichannel-ready.

But what does that look like in practice?

Content the way it was meant to be

With Nuxeo Platform, product companies can store and access all different types of content involved in creative content development, regardless of file type or size.

Now, connectivity goes even further. Nuxeo Platform enables your teams to see through previously disconnected silos, allowing instant access and searches for all assets they have permission to view.

The platform’s full search capabilities can be enabled for all your content, no matter what applications your teams use to create or view it. Plus, it's search performance seamlessly scales to accommodate even the largest companies with hundreds of millions or billions of complex assets being accessed by many simultaneous users.

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Content in context

Ingesting all types of content is only the beginning. The core of the Nuxeo Platform is its ability to define, store, connect and process complex objects.

When we say, “complex objects”, we’re really talking about contextualization.

Imagine if every photograph of a product was automatically associated with a full version history, product specifications in the PIM/PLM system, creative campaigns the photo is used in and talent records associated with the model.

With complex objects, the real relationships between your assets can be defined and contextualized.

That’s what our Nuxeo Platform enables companies to do with complex objects. All so that by the time your designers receive a creative brief, they can have easy access to upstream assets related to the content they’re creating.

When creative assets have been fully developed and sent downstream, it can be contextualized with version histories and included in complex “campaign” objects. This also encompasses the full omnichannel array of content needed to launch a creative campaign.

Campaign creative content review & annotations

One major source of frustration and delays: the campaign creative content review process. Disconnected legacy systems and wide-ranging file types mean that creative reviews are done differently everywhere.

Without consistency, different processes develop in different silos — and some work better than others.

With the Nuxeo Platform, you can take control of review and annotation like never before. Keep the workflows that work for your teams, while standardizing and streamlining approval and review to accelerate your teams’ progress.

Instead of looking for content in one system, reviewing in another and sending notes via email to connect to an attachment, the system allows for instant collaboration for teams around the globe.

No matter how teams review and approve campaign content, our platform can support their workflows. Vote on creative options, mark up images and video and automatically route sensitive material for additional legal or executive review layers.

What if one of the new workflows needs to change? Nuxeo Platform offers quick visual workflow design configuration with the Nuxeo Studio. No more expensive custom work to integrate new levels of review or different file types for annotation.

Where can Nuxeo Platform take you?

No two companies have identical processes for campaign content creation and development. That’s why Nuxeo Platform offers a low code, configurable DAM platform that adapts to the needs of your business.

Ready to take the next step toward a modern, flexible solution that gives you a contextualized view of content and streamlines content development workflows?