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Research from Deep Analysis: An economic study on Hyland’s RPA software suite

Organizations can realize a 227% return on investment by implementing Hyland’s RPA platform, according to advisory firm Deep Analysis’s findings.

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In this economic spectrum report from the advisory firm Deep Analysis, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at how Hyland’s robotic process automation solution impacts Hyland customers’ bottom lines.

Detailing both direct effects (over $1 million in savings in the first three years of use thanks to a reduction in errors, for example) and indirect effects (such as greater predictability in process performance timing and better work-life balance for workers), this Hyland-commissioned report provides real-world applications and outcomes for Hyland RPA users.

Inside the report:

  • Interviews and data from existing Hyland RPA customers about their experiences
  • Key “before” challenges, results from deployments and lessons learned from Hyland RPA customers
  • A profile of an example organization’s RPA project and analysis of projected benefits post-Hyland RPA implementation

This report provides unique insight into how Hyland RPA impacts an organization. Download Economic Spectrum Report: Hyland RPA Software Suite to learn more about Hyland RPA for everyday use — and long-term savings.

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