Hyland Direct Spend Matching for Workday 

Accelerate the approval and posting of invoices

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Separate lines of businesses — accompanied by complex system landscapes and disparate data sources and formats — can be a problematic combination.

Organizations that lack effective accounts payable automation have invoice and payment processes that are manual and paper-intensive. To complicate matters, data that’s delivered from different direct procurement, merchandising and warehouse systems makes three-way matching difficult.

Gain a complete view of direct spend

Hyland Direct Spend Matching for Workday provides end-to-end, frictionless processing and a complete view of direct spend to procurement organizations. The Direct Spend Matching solution, an extension of Hyland’s AP automation solution for Workday, supports complex three-way matching scenarios involving multiple ERPs and point solutions.

This solution complements Hyland’s existing, packaged integration with Workday Financial Management, extending its capabilities to support retail-specific matching scenarios, exception management, approval routing and accrual automation.

Key features

  • Integration, workflow and automation of high-volume procurement documents from any source, system and format
  • Advanced AP automation that includes an AP analytics workbench, approval routing, workload balancing and exception-based management
  • Complex, rules-driven matching, designed to help retailers:
    • Match receipts to goods ordered in their purchasing system
    • Match receipts to open POs in their retail management software
  • Automated month-end accruals of direct spend

Take charge of your AP processes

Hyland’s AP automation solution helps organizations take control of their processes, speed up the approval and posting of invoices and maintain visibility into their transactions. The solution leverages industry-leading Brainware intelligent capture and the OnBase enterprise information platform to complement Workday Financial Management. Utilizing the technology of Hyland and Workday, organizations can capture, manage and provide access to critical information alongside their AP records.

How it works

Hyland’s document governance and process management tools ingest and match goods receipts from external warehouse and procurement systems, POs from external procurement systems and supplier invoices in any format. The integration then maps, codes and passes the invoices to Workday Financial Management for payment via a touchless process inclusive of related attachments.

Documents are available from the Workday interface to assist with decision-making, and they can be routed instantly for review, approval and coding.

Do more with Direct Spend Matching*

The Direct Spend Matching solution complements an existing Hyland-Workday integration by allowing Workday Financial Management users to do more automation via three-way matching capabilities.

The solution accelerates the procure-to-pay cycle by automatically validating AP documents with Workday data and posting invoices for payment. Intelligent capture helps organizations reduce manual indexing and efficiently gather data from AP documents.

The Direct Spend Matching solution also improves process controls and tracking with exception handling, notifications and analytics.

By leveraging the strengths of Workday and Hyland, users will get a complete view of their information with less manual effort. This leads to faster processes, more informed decision-making, significant time savings and cost reductions for AP departments.


*Note: Hyland Direct Spend Matching for Workday is only available for purchase in North America and directly from Hyland. More information will be communicated upon availability in additional regions and via partner sales channels.