Workday Integration

Transform AP operations by connecting OnBase and Workday financial management

AP Automation for Workday

AP Automation for Workday Financial Management solution enables three critical components for successful AP automation - capture, connection, and access to data and documents. With captured content connected to Workday Financial Management, this certified solution ensures information is not siloed in separate systems. This means your content stays in sync and easily accessible from Workday Financial Management screens. AP Automation for Workday is configurable to each organization’s process, providing consistency and efficiency without forcing a change to operations. It reduces manual work and increases visibility across AP.

Capture, connect and access content to take control of your AP process

With the AP Automation for Workday integration, invoices become a rich source of information about your transactions instead of a difficult-to-manage problem. Through timely and efficient capture, bi-directional integration, and intuitive document access, the solution reduces cycle times and supports informed decision-making throughout the payment process.

Workday partnership

Hyland is pleased to be a Workday Select Partner. The OnBase AP Automation for Workday certified solution is the result of a collaborative process to develop solutions beneficial to our mutual customers. With Workday managing your key data and AP transactions and Hyland streamlining the capture and secure management of critical related content, your users will benefit from a complete view of their information with less manual effort. The result? More informed decision-making, faster processes, and significant time savings and cost reduction in your AP department.

Ready to learn more? Contact Hyland to learn how your organization can benefit from the OnBase AP Automation for Workday Financial Management solution.