The OnBase Integration for SAP SuccessFactors

Enhance the user experience and improve HR processes

Get the most out of your HR solution with Hyland’s SAP SuccessFactors integration

The OnBase Integration for SAP SuccessFactors removes document silos and improves HR processes by providing content management capabilities directly from the SAP SuccessFactors user interface. Staff can capture and view employee documents, perform document tasks through workflows and store content in OnBase — all without leaving the SAP SuccessFactors application.

Easily access, view, capture and upload documents

During the onboarding process, employees are required to review and sign documents ranging from contracts and nondisclosure agreements to corporate policy forms. The OnBase Integration for SAP SuccessFactors allows HR staff, employees and their managers to view existing agreements or upload new documents directly to the employee record.

In the event of a name change, employees can easily navigate their record within SAP SuccessFactors, then drag and drop or click to upload new documents.

Quickly identify missing documents

HR employees can use the missing document feature to proactively identify forms that may be required for compliance purposes. Staffers also can check their document list to see if they are in line with company policies.

Missing documents are automatically flagged and can be uploaded to the employee record directly from the SAP SuccessFactors interface. With the help of OnBase Workflow, employees can flag documents as expired, initiate a review process and perform other tasks within SuccessFactors.

Deliver a modern, friendly and personalized user experience

Employee documents and metadata are displayed on a dashboard within OnBase, which generates a modern, personalized user experience. That experience is configurable via an API-level connectivity to SAP SuccessFactors that is tailored to the customer’s process needs.

The integration also features a seamless SSO experience in which users can access and run OnBase by signing into SAP SuccessFactors.

Benefits of Hyland’s SAP SuccessFactors integration

  • Greater efficiency and accuracy: By digitizing HR documents and processes, the OnBase Integration for SAP SuccessFactors empowers HR employees to spend less time on paper and more time on people. The integrated document capture, workflow and retention management capabilities help the HR team better manage employee files.
  • Reduced risk: All employee content is kept in OnBase, which lessens the chance of information being stored in unsecured or unknown locations.
  • Improved employee productivity: Necessary content management functionality is embedded within the SAP SuccessFactors user experience. Employees can leverage the functionality with simple clicks, dissuading them from leaving the application and storing and managing content elsewhere.
  • Increased employee file governance: OnBase helps SuccessFactors users remove the content and data silos that hinder many organizations. The effective management of content, combined with the retention and governance processes that OnBase provides, helps organizations avoid fines, privacy violations, lost relationships and other significant missteps.
  • Simplified deployment and less reliance on IT: OnBase provides easy and transparent access to employee-centric content that supports any critical HCM and HR process in SuccessFactors. An administrator can configure the integration via an API-level connectivity to SuccessFactors and tailor specific fields to business needs.

Enhance your ROI with Hyland's and SAP SuccessFactors integration

The OnBase Integration for SAP SuccessFactors extends content services capabilities with no custom coding. The integration is bidirectional, keeping data and documents in sync between the systems.

With OnBase and SAP, users can realize an end-to-end employee file management system — one that supports knowledge-driven work and enhances the ROI of SuccessFactors.

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