Oracle E-Business Suite Integration

Provide Oracle users with instant access to needed information

Integrating with Oracle E-Business Suite

Hyland's OnBase integration for Oracle E-Business Suite allows organizations to connect Oracle transactional data with supporting documents in OnBase.

Without leaving their familiar application, users easily access documents while also taking advantage of native OnBase functionality such as adding notes to documents. This not only speeds up processes but also frees up staff time to focus on more important tasks and initiatives. 

The OnBase Integration for Oracle E-Business Suite, allows organizations to improve customer service and minimize risks associated with audits, litigations and disaster recovery.

Enhances Oracle E-Business Suite Functionality

  • Securely stores information: Document security eliminates concerns about inappropriate access to file shares or lost links after accidental renaming or deleting.

  • Automates processes to speed up reviews: Documents stored in OnBase automatically kick off document-centric workflows for any department to shorten processes by days or even weeks. OnBase also complements Oracle Workflow with seamless integration.

  • Improves customer service: OnBase provides online, real-time visibility into the status of requests, transactions and orders. Customers also have the ability to self-serve by completing forms and making requests online.


Digitize processes to reduce costs and improve visibility with Hyland's Oracle E-Business Suite integration

The Oracle E-Business Suite integration ensures email, scanned images, electronic documents and forms – all the information needed to process transactions – is available instantly from Oracle screens.

As a result, users can:

  • Retrieve needed documents with a single click in Oracle E-Business Suite, speeding up processes
  • Automate indexing by using values from Oracle data to populate keyword fields when indexing documents in OnBase, shortening cycle times
  • Reduce costs associated with duplicate data entry and error-prone manual indexing
  • Utilize multiple attachment options to accommodate various points in business processes, providing users with all the information they need to make business decisions

Oracle E-Business Suite drives your business processes

The transactions happening within Oracle rely on information stored elsewhere. By gaining instant access to this information from OnBase, employees can work more efficiently.

Ready to learn more? Contact Hyland to speak with an OnBase expert to find out how your organization can benefit by integrating OnBase with Oracle E-Business Suite.