Property and Casualty insurance software solutions

Integrate, automate and digitally transform business processes with P&C insurance software for faster, more accurate business processing

Significant challenges property and casualty insurers face are the sheer volume of information required to efficiently complete the business of insurance, end-to-end, and the legacy systems that contain that information. Since document and content management are peripheral functionality for core insurance system or suite providers, processes are typically slow, inefficient, and incapable of providing a full picture of any customer’s entire history and product portfolio.

Collaborating with a content services provider like Hyland allows insurers to capitalize on the P&C insurance software solution’s core transformation, automation and integration capabilities to power the insurance business.

Integrate, automate and transform with Hyland Property and Casualty insurance software

Hyland P&C insurance software solutions accelerate property and casualty insurers’ digital document strategy by managing the documents, cases and processes their core systems can’t.

The solutions seamlessly integrate with policy, billing and claims management systems, automating workflows and speeding processing times across the entire insurance lifecycle  from intelligent capture to integrated content and case management through robust customer communication management. This increases the quality and efficiency of work and customer service, while enhancing the overall customer experience.

Hyland insurance solutions are fast and flexible, giving users anywhere, anytime access to information.

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