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Build better applications in less time with a content services platform for low-code development

There’s a lot to be said for smart, strategic growth. Often, that’s what it takes to build scalability and strength at an enterprise level. But sometimes – as recent events have proven – your agility is what matters most.

When circumstances change and require reprioritisation or reconfiguration of your business processes, the speed of your response can mean the difference between success and struggle.

If your organisation is too reliant on pre-built, code-heavy applications, siloed data and manual processes, an enterprise-wide evolution could require heavy financial investment, months (or years) of waiting, and cross-departmental change management … with no guarantee that you’ll end up where you need to be.

“By 2021, 25% of enterprises will push process improvements to non-developers using a new generation of low-code software focused on ease of use.”

Maureen Fleming, Program Vice President, Integration and Process Automation, IDC

So what is low-code, exactly?

‘Low-code’ is an approach to application development that leverages platform-based visual design elements, such as drop-down menus and checkboxes, to quickly and easily develop, change, and deliver applications with minimal hand-coding.

Lynda Stadtmueller, Research Vice President, Frost & Sullivan

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Low-code development is also your fastest path to digital transformation, which is the top strategic business priority of business and IT decision-makers in the post-pandemic environment, according to Frost & Sullivan.

Grow your business to the next level with a content services platform for low-code development

For overwhelmed IT teams, a low-code platform fast-tracks development by leveraging the resources they have on hand, allowing them to shift attention to higher value, customer-focused tasks. For bottom line-watchers, it provides a prudent path for dependable, cost-effective solutions, reducing risk and total cost of ownership. And for your customers, low-code creates the future they expect — today.

Plus, a low-code platform leverages the tools you already own to create new solutions organisation-wide. Rather than slowing down to solve the new challenges presented by the ever-growing number of applications purportedly needed to drive digital transformation, you can minimise the need for custom coding and multiple point solutions from different vendors and adapt to changing customer demands and business needs in real-time.

Ultimately, this allows your organisation to enable better experiences for end users and customers, as well as make the most of its current IT investments.

One platform, endless applications

The Hyland platform provides a wide range of content services capabilities and can be transformed quickly and cost-effectively into endless types of business applications that can address a range of needs enterprise-wide.

By rapidly building solutions on one platform rather than buying separate solutions or using inefficient workarounds, the Hyland Platform primes your organisation to expand into every department of your enterprise.

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When you invest in the Hyland platform for your content and process-driven needs, you can leverage that same platform to build business applications across the enterprise.

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