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Current release details

OnBase Foundation Enhancement Pack (EP) 5

  • OnBase Integration for Salesforce 2.0 : Participate in and drive OnBase processes from within Salesforce; view and capture OnBase documents directly from the Salesforce Mobile App
  • OnBase Integration for Adobe Sign : Add esignature capabilities to existing OnBase processes through a direct integration with Adobe Sign; meet increasing demand for a digital signing experience while reducing legal and compliance risks around the signing process
    Learn more about the Integration for Adobe Sign
  • Epic Hyperdrive for OnBase : Arm your move to Epic Hyperdrive with seamlessly integrated content from OnBase for viewing, scanning and deficiency management
  • Intelligent Medical Records Validated : The system automatically classifies patient documents and our HIM experts ensure all data is checked for accuracy and quality

Current customers can visit the Hyland Community to learn more about OnBase Foundation Enhancement Pack (EP) 5 , OnBase Integration for Salesforce 2.0 and OnBase Integration for Adobe Sign .


  • Securely share Alfresco content with members across Salesforce Communities, both within and outside an organization’s four walls
  • Enhance productivity for an increasingly remote workforce via expanded cloud offerings

Current customers, access release notes and further details at the Alfresco Community page .

Learn more about Alfresco at Alfresco.com.

Perceptive Content

  • The addition of deep links creates a way for administrators to build on automations within Perceptive Content and generate links for mobile users to navigate directly to the content they need, regardless of how they might access the system
  • Security and system updates that allow administrators to share content with users while restricting access to views outside of the specific link shared

Current customers, release notes are available at the Perceptive Content Community page .

Nuxeo Platform

  • DAM librarians and application managers can now build their own business-specific machine learning models through a wizard-like interface
  • Nuxeo Insight now allows subject matter experts across your organization to help with the verification of AI-driven tagging through an intuitive and easy-to access interface
  • Updates to Nuxeo Online services allow greater flexibility for Nuxeo OEM and Service partners to develop multi-faceted solutions

Learn more about the latest releases on the Nuxeo documentation site.

Learn more about the Nuxeo Platform at Nuxeo.com.

Hyland Experience Capture (HxC)

  • Web-based, scan-only functionality expands capture options for highly dispersed locations
  • Expanded sweep capabilities include PDF and TIFF files
  • Cloud delivery option enables continuous deployment of new features and functionality

Current customers, learn more about Hyland Experience Capture (HxC) at the Hyland Experience Capture Community Page