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Upgrading photo studio processes with digital asset management (DAM)

Product photography plays an integral role in any sales or marketing campaigns — but ad-hoc processes put organizations at risk of delays and confusion.

High-volume and highly structured photo shoots are a key part of the product creative life cycle. E-commerce sites and catalogs require well-defined, standardized outputs — making them a perfect target for automation and acceleration.

With e-commerce now a key strategic focus for most product companies, product photography and video have begun to drive sales on more channels than ever before. Unlike the less-structured, creative materials used in creative campaign development, product photo studios are based on productivity and speed.

Too often, these processes (like photographing each shoe from the same six angles for e-commerce) are ad hoc and manual.

Inefficient and traditional photo studio processes can look like:

  1. Low visibility for product companies who have to rely on expensive external search processes to rediscover and reuse assets — leading to unnecessary reshoots of products that already have images.
  2. Teams unsure of what changes have been made, when they occurred and if updates across sales channels are necessary.
  3. Images being disconnected from product information and sales resources, leaving sales teams using Google to find "recent” product images to pitch a product to a retailer.
  4. Multiple photo shoots requested for the same item — for example, at one company, products are often shot first in the prototype stage, and then again after manufacturing is complete.

From managing shot lists and equipment inventories to sending images downstream for use in e-commerce applications, what we hear from most product companies is that these processes still rely on emails, phone calls and manual handoffs that cause delays and create extra work for teams.

Traditional photo studio processes were developed in the early days of digital archiving and photography. Now, they face the limits of scalability.

What if there was a way to scale photo studio operations seamlessly, with full visibility into version history and product information for every shot — no matter how many new products were created, or how many external vendors were involved?

Building faster, smarter photo studios

The first step to the photo studio of the future: transparency and visibility that extends to internal and external resources, all over the globe.

After using Hyland’s Nuxeo Platform to make the process of initiating, ingesting and controlling photo shoots easier – our customers have been able to insource more of their shoots for a leaner, more cost-effective process.

This digital asset management (DAM) platform makes it simple and fast to search for assets. The cloud-native system enables teams to search through supermassive files and multiple global repositories, all in the blink of an eye — no matter how many assets are contained in business systems.

Content review & annotations

One major source of frustration and delays for many companies: the content review process. Disconnected legacy systems and wide-ranging file types mean that content reviews are done differently everywhere. Without consistency, different processes develop in different silos — and some work better than others.

No matter how teams review and approve content, Hyland’s Nuxeo Platform can support their workflows. Enjoy native support for serial and parallel approvals, voting on selects, marking up images and video and automatic routing of sensitive material for additional legal or executive review layers.

What if one of the new workflows needs to change? The quick visual workflow design configuration means that there is no expensive custom work needed to integrate new levels of review or different file types for annotation.

Where can Hyland’s Nuxeo Platform take you?

No two companies have identical processes for shooting product photo and video.

That’s why Hyland’s Nuxeo Platform offers a low code, configurable platform that adapts to the needs of your business. So your organization can help creatives — and the downstream teams that depend on them — become happier and more productive with the world’s only content platform that is designed to handle everything you create.

By connecting product information and assets in upstream processes, Hyland’s Nuxeo Platform boosts photo studio productivity with more complete and contextual briefs, as well as in-platform photo and video annotations with full audit trails.

Ready to take the next step toward a modern, flexible solution that gives you a contextualized view of content and streamlines content development workflows?