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The role of content hubs and portals for unifying product information

For information-hungry downstream teams that make their mark after design and creative development is complete, productivity depends on one-stop access to the right information and content.

Making your next product a hit depends on marketing and sales teams knowing what they’re selling and how to sell it.

Marketers, sales personnel and retailers rely on up-to-date, accurate product information to make critical decisions about how products are displayed to customers.

At companies creating complicated, diverse product assortments — the fast-moving teams responsible for taking products to market struggle with searching through many different systems for the information they need.

Product companies without a centralized repository for updated, relevant product materials will have several frustrations surrounding access, visibility and security such as:

  1. Teams using marketing assets request work they know has already been completed but are unable to locate in the systems they have access to.
  2. Some retail portals can’t differentiate the content visible to each customer, so one department store could see a competitor’s private label products.
  3. Without upstream visibility, sales teams try to piece together what they need from Google, then spread out-of-date or incorrect product information.
  4. Social media marketers search different repositories to find what they’re looking for or run their own creative photoshoots.

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The right content, the right context

Hyland’s Nuxeo Platform reimagines the content discovery process, with a platform that gives businesses full flexibility to create new content hubs and portals tailored to the needs of each internal and external team.

With a content hub, retailers can link into inventory and product information systems, enabling access only for the brand images and information specific to the products the retailer has purchased.

Another hub could be created for social media marketers or PR agencies, displaying influencer product mentions in a Pinterest-style board for easy visibility and image selection. Teams can do all this and more with the Nuxeo Platform, a digital asset management (DAM) system, without individually configuring permissions or manually adding assets to the hub.

Products can automatically enter a hub or portal when specific actions are taken (Macy’s buys the shirt, so it enters the Macy’s retailer portal) or when approval processes are complete.

Portals as unique as your teams

With a fully configurable UI, our Nuxeo Platform enables each team to create portals and hubs that are unique to your specific business needs, with a look and feel designed to put their needs first.

The one thing all of these content hubs have in common: they can connect information across business systems to put information in the right context at the right time.