The Hyland Experience Platform (HxP)

The next generation of solution delivery

Modern business challenges require modern technology. Meeting new requirements in a rapidly evolving business environment requires a whole new level of flexibility and business agility. The ability to continue to meet objectives related to customer experience, digital transformation, security and compliance hinges on an organization’s ability to take content and process management to the next level.

That ability is what we aim to provide with the Hyland Experience Platform (HxP). HxP is Hyland’s next-generation cloud-based platform, a new way to deliver our best-of-breed content services capabilities through a variety of SaaS applications and services in the Hyland Cloud.

With offerings built on HxP, you will be able to meet your customer experience needs today with access to new feature-rich SaaS applications and services with intuitive, responsive user interfaces. At the same time, you’ll maximize the value of your solutions going forward via frequent delivery of updates and enhancements and a scalable platform for continued innovation.

Hyland Experience Capture

The first cloud-native application available on this exciting new platform is Hyland Experience Capture (HxC). HxC offers web-based document scanning, classification and data extraction delivered through a simple and intuitive interface. With optical character recognition and machine learning capabilities, HxC accelerates capture processes from the moment documents are received while improving accuracy over time.

This is the first of many applications that will leverage HxP as we continue to develop new offerings and enhancements designed to elevate your content services capabilities.

A platform backed by experience

As organizations continue to embrace the cloud for more and more of their strategic content and process management needs, the value of a partner with 15+ years of cloud experience and dedicated managed services offerings is key.

HxP continues Hyland’s proven track record of delivering excellence in cloud-based content services via the Hyland Cloud. Our innovation empowers our customers’ ability to deliver powerful experiences to the customers, employees and stakeholders they serve.