Artificial Intelligence Technology in Content Services

The Hyland AI platform

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is quickly becoming a critical capability for organizations seeking to transform business processes and improve customer experience. From data capture to workflow automation and analytics, AI can take business processes to the next level. 

With Hyland’s industry-leading content services platform, you can augment your existing solutions and your human intelligence with AI. Capabilities like analytics, machine learning and intelligent automation not only support your critical information-driven processes, but also help you derive more value and actionable insights from your data and processes.

AI inside

The technologies available within the Hyland artificial intelligence platform can enhance your solutions and the information lifecycle. Adding artificial intelligence to your content-intensive processes can accelerate your business cycles, improve critical decision-making and empower your human workforce. Best of all, with Hyland, the AI-enabled analytics, machine learning and automation are a native part of a robust platform and the solutions your users interface with.

Working with third-party AI

Managing your content with Hyland can also improve your utilization of third-party AI tools and algorithms:

  • Ensuring that your content and the associated metadata are consistent, complete and accurate will improve the results of machine learning, research or analytics performed by a third-party system.
  • Advanced integration options simplify data exchange with third-party machine learning and analytics tools.
  • Robust content services capabilities enable you to easily filter, classify, anonymize, redact and package records to ensure compliance and optimize processing.