Student Life Services

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Hyland process and content management solutions help colleges, universities, technical schools and more meet students’ expectations for speed by creating new and greater efficiencies in student services departments.

Improve student satisfaction and retention

Our innovative student life software solutions capture student information sent through any medium and automatically tie it to the appropriate student record in your student and business systems. Authorized users in student health, residential life and other departments then instantly gain access to the information needed to answer students’ inquiries. Staff members benefit from powerful workflow technology that removes bottlenecks and reduces delays in everyday business processes.

With Hyland student life software, you can:

  • Increase student satisfaction by providing faster responses and more accurate information
  • Eliminate long lines that put stress on students and staff at peak times
  • Enhance teamwork between offices and departments by removing limitations posed by paper documents
  • Protect student privacy with advanced security features
  • Improve information availability and visibility for authorized users