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Booklet: Modernizing enrollment management

How modern content services help institutions in admissions and across campus.

The higher education landscape has grown more competitive. Large application pools are now the norm, and the move to hybrid and remote learning has opened up new pathways to degrees, including for nontraditional students.

Making quality enrollment decisions accurately and quickly is important to the staff and student experience. It can also affect future facets of institutional success, such as enrollment goals, tuition revenue, academic integrity and research opportunities.

Automating enrollment management processes can help your institution speed admissions decision-making by:

  • Automating tasks so your staff can focus on prospective and current students
  • Integrating with student information systems and customer relationship management applications
  • Supporting the creation of e-forms, e-signatures and student portals with little custom coding required
  • Delivering an auditable access history for accountability, accessibility and compliance

This editorial booklet created by Inside Higher Education and Hyland explores how colleges and universities are updating their student recruitment strategies — and why modern content services can give you the edge you need to make acceptance decisions ahead of your competition and achieve your enrollment goals.