Professional Licensing Boards

Hyland process and content management solutions are used by state licensing boards to improve and speed the process of issuing licenses and permits. Our products automate processes for time- and cost-savings — whether your agency manages professional, occupational or business licenses.

Simplify the management of professional licensing processes

Hyland solutions allow you to instantly capture and securely store all types of documents such as application and renewal forms, identity documents, school accreditations and certification. Powerful workflow technology removes bottlenecks in everyday business processes, which fuels operational efficiency and improves collaboration among staff and between agencies.

With Hyland technology, your state licensing board will:

  • Save on paper and storage costs associated with retaining long-term files
  • Increase staff productivity with seamless integration with your business application
  • Speed processing by automatically routing documents for reviews and approvals
  • Improve collaboration and information sharing by providing authorising users with single-click access to files
  • Respond to investigations, background checks and disciplinary actions with accurate and complete files
  • Ensure security of confidential information and comply with privacy, professional records management and retention policies