Salesforce integration

The integration provides seamless access to critical documents and data in the same Salesforce system you use to manage business relationships.

Benefits of Hyland’s integration for Salesforce
Accelerated time to information

Instantly surface documents like contracts, invoices and more alongside corresponding Salesforce records.

Complete view of every relationship

Achieve a single, complete view of business relationships so you can focus more time on your customers.

Built-in configuration

Avoid costly API development by integrating configuration and data mapping within the Salesforce interface.

Value for every industry

Help users work smarter by leveraging industry-leading content management features.

Key features

The Hyland content services platform digitizes and stores documents in a single repository. Search and retrieve directly from Salesforce, and import documents via drag and drop.


Increased document visibility

Access all relevant documents associated with records from Salesforce screens.

Search within Salesforce

Empower teams to search for documents without leaving Salesforce and within the context of the current record.

Fewer manual touchpoints

Decrease document indexing when uploading with built-in configuration and data mappings between Salesforce and Hyland.

Automated document retention

Manage and retain high-value content associated with records based on organizational retention polices.

Reduced Salesforce storage costs

Avoid ongoing storage fees by storing all Salesforce-related content in the Hyland content services platform. Content can be quickly moved with bulk migration tools.

Healthcare professional uses Hyland Healthcare solutions on a desktop computer.

Demo: OnBase Integration for Salesforce

Discover how the integration centralizes key content in one location and delivers information when and where you need it.

60 seconds with Hyland and Salesforce

Watch this video to understand the benefits of Hyland’s OnBase integration for Salesforce.

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