DocuSign integration

Hyland’s integration for DocuSign eSignature provides complete management of processes that require secure, electronic signatures in the cloud. 

Benefits of the Hyland integration for Docusign  
Speed up business cycles  

Reduce cycle time by making documents available in the cloud for signing – anytime, anywhere.

Meet user expectations 
Automate and manage the electronic signature process right from your Hyland solution. 
Improve security and compliance  

Confidently manage the process and the associated documents with end-to-end governance including retention and auditing.

Reduce costs

Eliminate the cost associated with printing documents in order to have them signed manually.

Key features


Flexible integration 

Upload documents to DocuSign interactively from your Hyland solution or automatically using workflow.

Automated matching  

Match documents with DocuSign Templates to utilize DocuSign features that enhance the signing process.

Status visibility   

Check the status of a document to determine where the document resides in the signing process.

Complete auditing  

View an auditable history of the full journey of the document through pre-signing, upload and return to your Hyland solution.

Automated governance   

Automatically download signed documents and the DocuSign Certificate of Completion for further processing or archiving.


Demo: Electronic signatures with OnBase

This video covers the two integrated signing solutions available with Hyland's OnBase platform.

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