Life insurance software solutions

Improve claims, underwriting and policy administration with modern content and process automation solutions.

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Discover Hyland’s expertise in life insurance

Life insurers are under pressure to expedite claims, support increasing customer expectations and mitigate compliance risk. Here’s how Hyland can help.

Claims management

Centralize claims information for visibility in core systems.

View, manage and share content among claims adjusters and external third parties quickly and easily.

Automate processes for standard claims and build business rules to escalate complex claims.

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New business and underwriting

Easily capture documents and link them to applicant files.

Automatically route data and documents to the right workers for immediate attention.

Ensure consistent and timely tasks with workflow and document tracking.

Make faster, data-driven decisions with a complete set of information.

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Policy administration and communications

Deliver self-service maintenance to empower policyholders to edit preferences.

Use mobile-friendly online forms and leverage existing data.

Provide policyholders with consistent omnichannel experiences via phone, online, mobile and mail channels.

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Scalable and flexible solutions

Empower enterprise IT to build tailored, customized insurance software solutions.

Deliver modern, personalized user experiences with open standards and open APIs.

Innovate faster and reduce costs with content in the cloud.

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Insurer drives business forward with Hyland life insurance software solutions

Funeral Directors Life utilizes Hyland solutions to automate processes, deliver excellent customer service and allow employees to focus on more meaningful work.

Life insurance customer success stories


African insurance company utilizes cloud-based Hyland solutions to provide insurance via cell phones.

Funeral Directors Life

Insurer embraces intelligent automation and realizes an 88% return on its Hyland bot investment.

Illinois Mutual Life Insurance

Insurer utilizes Hyland's Perceptive Content to expedite claims processing and improve customer experience with reduced response times.

Navigating life insurance complexities

Celent’s head of insurance explains how tools such as artificial intelligence and automation give insurers an advantage.

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