Invoice Approval Workflow

Eliminate bottlenecks with AP invoice approval workflow

A top invoice processing challenge facing accounts payable departments today remains routing invoices for approval. Many AP departments still rely on a partial or completely manual process that often leads to invoice approval delays, errors and lost documents. Incorporating the use of email into the routing process can help, but there are still gaps in automation such as ERP integration and complex workflows that are required for a completely paperless invoice approval process.

Hyland Workflow Approval Management accelerates the invoice approval workflow process

 electronically routes invoices to approvers based on configuration rules and includes automatic email notifications and reminders to ensure timely approvals. Instead of relying on system administrators or IT, AP business users are able to take over the setup and management of approval rules and easily make ad-hoc approval assignments as needed. Approvers can approve or reject invoices anytime, anywhere using email or their mobile device. With a complete approval history and audit trail stored in the system, Hyland solutions, including the OnBase enterprise information platform, offers improved visibility and tracking of approval status so you can easily identify and resolve process bottlenecks.

Benefits of paperless invoice approval workflow

  • Reduce paper and associated costs
  • Eliminate delays and process bottlenecks
  • Decrease late payment penalties and take advantage of early-payment discounts
  • Ensure consistent, controlled AP processes
  • Improve collaboration between departments

Ready for a faster invoice approval workflow process?

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