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The benefits of document scanning software

Document scanning software is an efficient way to convert physical documents into digital format, making them easier to manage and access.

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Organizations are still buried in paper. This is made clear by the AIIM 2016 Paper Free Progress Report, in which 65% of respondents said they still work with paper. Paper clogs processes, slows organizations down and creates the risk of lost and misplaced information. That’s where document scanning software comes in.

Document scanning software helps simplify the scanning and indexing of documents into a content management system. The software provides scanning interfaces that simplify data entry for indexing documents or completely automate data capture from those incoming documents.

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Key advantages of document scanning software

Organizations can free themselves from paper. With user-friendly data entry and verification interfaces, the ability to check scanned images and make corrections or split images as they are scanned, as well as automated document classification and data extraction capabilities, document scanning software offers many benefits:

  • Simpler document capture: As employees receive documents, whether in a front office operation or in a mailroom, it is much simpler for them to digitize those documents and get those documents into a central content repository.
  • Reduces manual effort: Whether data extraction from the incoming documents is simply assisted or completely automated, the manual effort needed to get these documents digitized is greatly reduced. This speeds the overall capture process and even can free up the staff to strictly focus on exception handling as the documents are captured.
  • Faster information accessibility: With easier, and sometimes automated, data entry, information from the scanned documents is updated in all relevant systems faster. Scanning in documents instead of keeping them in paper form also simplifies information and content access as it can now be accessed digitally within a content management system.

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IDC MarketScape for Worldwide Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) Software 2023-2024 Vendor Assessment

IDC MarketScape named Hyland a Leader in intelligent document processing for its IDP capabilities and strategies.

OnBase document scanning software provides simpler data entry and processing

OnBase is a platform for managing content, processes and cases. The first piece of any OnBase solution involves capturing content into the system for easier access and faster processing.

OnBase provides several options for capturing content and information, including:

  • Multifunction printer (MFP) integrations: OnBase integrates directly with a number of MFP devices to speed the capture capabilities of OnBase. This includes providing an indexing screen directly on the MFP device for simplified operations.
  • Import capabilities for scanned images: As you scan images into a digital location (network share, desktop, etc.), they can easily be captured into OnBase on either an ad hoc basis or as a large batch of documents.
  • Simplified, assisted and automated indexing options: OnBase provides a number of indexing options for organizing and tagging documents after scanning. For users who capture on an ad hoc basis (general employees, registration desk staff/front office staff, etc.), OnBase provides a simple scanning screen and integrates with other applications to pull specific indexing values. For large batch scanning operations, OnBase provides both assisted indexing as well as fully automated document classification and indexing capabilities to speed content capture.

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