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Millennials and the 22nd-century life insurer

Adapting your life insurance software methodologies to the changing millennial market.

There is a $16 trillion gap in U.S. life insurance coverage, according to LIMRA, and a lot of that huge number falls at the feet of millennials. They are least likely to carry life insurance, even if they are married with children. 

We wanted to know why. So we asked more than 300 millennials. We wanted to know: 

  • If Millennials carried life insurance, and if not, why
  • What would compel them to engage with a life insurer
  • What would make them buy

We also wanted to find out why more Millennials aren’t pursuing a career in life insurance. With nearly 400,000 insurance employees retiring over the next few years and fewer employees entering the workforce, insurers face an employment gap that could cause overall disruption, regardless of technology advances. 

To find out what we learned — and the steps you can take to meet those challenges — download our e-book today.