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How employers can leverage HCM-integrated solutions to manage HR databases

Content services platforms can eliminate content silos and enhance collaboration between employers and employees.

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HR professionals are familiar with using human capital management (HCM) and enterprise content management (ECM) systems to facilitate effective employer-employee communications and other HR processes.

But a fragmented and progressively self-reliant workforce demands more collaboration and visibility into how organizations manage employee data. HCM and ECM solutions often lack the digital tools to help automate and manage critical content. This hinders efficiency and can lead to employee frustration.

This whitepaper from Human Resources Executive and Hyland explores how seamlessly integrating a content services platform with an industry-leading HCM system can drive maximum outcomes.


  • The outdated approaches to managing digital data that are still in play at many organizations
  • Why holistic content repository solutions like Hyland’s OnBase are more effective options
  • How cloud-based technologies are helping organizations deliver a higher level of user-friendly experiences to the people they serve

Employers want a complete view of employee information, and workers want anywhere, anytime access to content. Find out how Hyland helps organizations deliver on those objectives.

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