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Are you ready for the claims process of the future?

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How prepared is your insurance company to handle claims 20 years from now? How about 10? How about five? If you think you’re ready, you might want to think again. 

Unless your company is already engaged in gathering telematics data from business and personal sensors, connected to buildings, homes, cars — even people — then maybe you are ready. Or if you have a dedicated team monitoring social media to gather information about claims severity or to examining the impact of destructive events like hurricanes, fires and floods. 

Maybe you’re already using drones for inspection? And you’ve invested in technology that eliminates the low-value, tedious, manual tasks your adjusters must perform in order to investigate and close a claim?


If this all sounds like an overwhelming challenge, that’s because it is. However, it is a challenge that’s achievable, especially if insurers unite with the right technology partners. Find out how by downloading Are you ready for the claims process of the future?