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Hyland Content Portal for Perceptive Content

Simplify access to critical information for users within and outside your organization

In today's digital-first world, many organizations struggle to efficiently gather and provide pertinent information online. Paper-based applications and PDF forms slow down processes, creating inefficiencies at multiple touchpoints across your organization.

This can lead to costly delays, frustrated customers and lost revenue for businesses. How do you find a better way of delivering services digitally that is both efficient and secure?

The Hyland Content Portal for Perceptive Content helps you do just that. Powered by Jadu Central, the Hyland Content Portal offers an integrated portal solution for providing a fully digital self-service channel — giving users access to documents and data stored and managed within Perceptive Content from any location and device, whenever they need them.

Download this overview to learn more about the Hyland Content Portal for Perceptive Content.

Our forms processes used to be very manual and paper-based, error prone and not easy for students and staff to access. With Hyland Content Portal integrated with Perceptive Content, our forms are now fully digital and easy to create and access from anywhere at any time.

— Ryan Larson, Business Analyst, University of Minnesota