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Drive efficient AP processes with Hyland’s invoice approval solution

From lengthy paper trails to the increased risks of errors and fraud — manual AP processes can have a huge administrative strain on organizations.

Invoice Approval is a browser-based solution that extends accounts payable (AP) automation to mobile devices.

This tool lets enterprise users review and approve supplier invoices without interfacing directly with the accounting business application.

Approvers can view invoice header and line details, the invoice image, document attachments and comments added by other users. At the same time, they can add comments and reassign approval tasks from their mobile devices.

Challenges of a manual AP process

  • Lengthy approval cycles. Manual routing, processing and sign-off procedures often involve individuals in different departments and even different countries.
  • AP resource constraints. In organizations with high volumes of invoices, the ratio of approvers to AP clerks can be as high as 50:1. Manual approval processes increase the risk of error and lost or delayed invoices.
  • Costly business disruptions. Accounting applications can be confusing and difficult for infrequent users. Manager- and executive-level approvers end up spending valuable time using a complicated interface that requires a laptop.

Benefits of an automated invoice approval solution

Faster, more accurate invoice approvals

Approvers can approve invoices and view details anytime, anywhere without accessing accounting or financial systems.

Increase efficiency for AP staff and approvers

Wider access to invoices means approvers have more options for when and where they review invoices, and AP staff spends less time tracking down approvals.

Maintain good relationships with suppliers

Faster approvals and exception resolution shortens payment cycle times and improves vendor relationships.

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Key features of an invoice approval system

Perceptive Content, Hyland’s automated invoice approval solution enables browser-based access from mobile devices with form factor scaling optimizing mobile phone and tablet experience.

Teams get to view invoice images, pending tasks, invoice details, status indicators and processing history. Its interface also allows users to take action and leave comments.

Other features include:

  • A configurable interface according to user preference
  • Individual user credentials ensure secure system interaction and administration
  • Encrypted transmission protects data and user information

Perceptive Content in action

Nick, AP manager for APEX Industries, receives a workflow task for an invoice that requires his approval.

  1. Nick logs into his AP Invoice Approval mobile application and selects the task notification message.
  2. He selects the invoice and reviews available document details.
  3. He then selects the action history to see any relevant comments from the AP analyst or business unit approver.
  4. Since everything seems to be in order, Nick selects approve and adds a comment.