November 08, 2022

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Hyland Summit 2022: Taking the show on the road

The world has changed a lot since 1991. Back then, 31 years ago, Bryan Adams and Color Me Badd ruled the radio. Platform shoes and parachute pants were all the rage. Manchester United won the European Cup Winners’ Cup. I was still at school.

Photo of Tim Hood

Tim Hood

Associate Vice President for EMEA with overall responsibility for the Commercial business

Two people stand at a Hyland Summit event near a tall banner.

And Hyland was a two-person company in Cleveland, Ohio, with a single customer.

Today, well, things look a little different. Now I listen to my favourite ’90s throwbacks on my iPhone instead of on cassette. Parachute pants are no longer swish-swishing on the runway.

And Hyland has nearly 20,000 customers and 4,000+ employees working across 30 countries around the world.

Hyland is no longer purely an American company but a global company. Hosting a single in-person conference simply doesn’t work for today’s global enterprises. That’s why we’re rethinking how we share knowledge and collaborate with our customers and partners.

This year, we’re bringing the Hyland Summit to you.

The New Era of Hyland Summit: World Tour

I’m excited to announce that Hyland is taking our show on the road.

This year, Hyland Summit — our premier digital transformation forum — will visit six strategic cities around the world in an international roadshow event. This way, we can specially tailor the forums’ themes, speakers and sessions to best address the local market and audience needs.

Why attend the Hyland Summit?

The Hyland Summit is not your run-of-the-mill conference. It’s our future-forward digital transformation event bringing together Hyland executives and product experts, customers and partners in business-strategic locations across the globe.

Each Summit event combines new product information, customer success stories and market insights with engaging networking activities.

Here are some of the top opportunities you’ll have access to at your local Hyland Summit:

Collaborate with Hyland experts, industry leaders and peers
Learn best practices around Hyland products and solutions that enable better experiences for their customers, citizens and employees
Discover how modern content services maximise productivity, cost savings and ROI
Gain actionable insight into cutting-edge topics like modernisation, digital transformation, cloud migration, robotic process automation and low-code/no-code rapid application-level solutions

I can’t wait to kick off this event series.

One of the most fulfilling and engaging parts of my job as vice president, EMEA and APAC is meeting our partners and customers face to face and hearing directly from them on how we can improve our solutions to better fit their needs.

I’m sure my counterpart in Latin America, Edgar Novoa, feels the same.

Edgar is vice president, LATAM, and will host the Hyland Summit events in Bogotá and São Paulo. I know he’s looking forward to meeting our valued stakeholders in Colombia and Brazil.

As we’ve grown over the years, our customers have grown, too. And for me, our customers’ success is a good indicator of Hyland’s own. After all, one of Hyland’s core values is “Customers are our partners.”

The Hyland Summit 2022 series is just one way we’re helping our customers succeed by streamlining access to knowledge sharing, networking and collaboration opportunities.